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User experience research, design and prototyping, expert and heuristic evaluation, workshop design and facilitation, customer journey mapping, content strategy and business writing.


User experience design is my passion and first love. I have a unique approach to user centred design that combines UX, service design, and design thinking approaches with the holistic and strategic thinking of a customer experience analyst.


I offer professional writing and content strategy services with a focus on clear, impactful and effective prose. As a former research analyst, I’ve published numerous best practice, thought leadership, case study, and industry trend articles.


I bring a pragmatic and human-centered approach to customer experience research, design thinking and ideation workshops. I have expertise in customer journey mapping, persona creation, and other ideation sessions.


I designed and built my first websites in the early 1990’s, and have worked in pretty much every aspect of the digital industry since then. I offer small-scale website CMS implementation, design and content services for small organizations.

About Me

Craig Menzies: Independent senior experience design consultant, award-winning UX Architect, and published business writer.
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
Albert Einstein

My professional experience includes:

- Contract and freelance engagements with clients in finance, government, arts, luxury, travel, automotive, publishing, food, and consumer products
- Forrester Research Principal Analyst, Customer Experience (Europe and AsiaPac)
- Head of Experience Design for Vodafone Australia
- Head of Research and User Experience for four top digital agencies
- General Manager, Technical for popular UK online retailer
- Technology, web analytics and database information consultant

I have had the privilege of working with such clients as: HP, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, Porsche, Manulife, Nestlé, L’Oreal, SAS, Penguin Books, the Financial Times, P&O Cruises, Mondial, EasyJet, Roche, Subaru, Toyota, RSPCA & RSPB, Blackberry, Chelsea FC, British Airways, Akzo Nobel, Sodexo, Eurostar, Singapore Air, Commonwealth Bank, Parks Australia, and Experian.

  • I have worked with some of the World's largest companies, and some of the smallest start-ups. I've learned to be equally effective in large organizations and small, and believe strongly in the power of empathy in creating transformational change.

  • As a former research analyst, I have published numerous thought leadership articles, both for subscribers and for clients directly. I've also had the opportunity to deliver speeches at both large conferences and small boutique events.

  • I've worked at a global research firm, client-side eCommerce, and in design and strategy roles at digital agencies. This has given me an invaluably broad and diverse approach to my work.

  • My work has evolved steadily from technology and data towards customer experience and user experience design, but I have never lost my grounded approach that I gained from hard yards in the technology trenches.


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